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Hello all, we’re Kyle and Benjamin. We love Emily Dickinson and are excited to watch the Apple+ TV show ‘Dickinson’ created by Alena Smith and starring Hailee Steinfeld, Ella Hunt, Jane Krakowski, and Toby Huss. Join us as we discuss the show episode-by-episode, dive into Emily’s poetry, and reflect on the grim realities of life in 19th century New England with “charm” and “wit”.

A Podcast about Emily Dickinson. But now she f*cks.

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I’m (technically an Emmy Award Certificate Winning) Nobody, Who are You?

https://anchor.fm/edictsonedicts/embed/episodes/Im-technically-an-Emmy-Award-Certificate-Winning-Nobody–Who-are-You-e11foql It happened everyone! Emily Dickinson got published in The Springfield Republican, all of Amherst pauses to celebrate her and her incredible accomplishment, and Death himself stops to hand her the keys to the Underworld and awards her immortality! Just kidding. Emily gets published and the world keeps turning because people are busy and they…More

Split the Emotional Duck- and You’ll Find Van Gogh’s Sunflowers

https://anchor.fm/edictsonedicts/embed/episodes/Split-the-Emotional-Duck–and-Youll-Find-Van-Goghs-Sunflowers-evm71n Join Ben and Kyle on a trip to the opera with Emily and the rest of the Dickinsons as they watch a touring company’s performance of La Traviata. We discuss fame, music, rapturous experiences with art, and killing birds.  Also, expect a forthcoming addendum to this episode- there’s lots left to uncover. Emily’s poem…More

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Born in America and raised around the world, Kyle now works in film production in Tokyo, Japan. He has gone on a journey with Emily Dickinson’s work, first chuckling at the fact that you can set many of her poems to the tune of “Gilligan’s Island,” only to appreciate her genius and artistry with time, study, and the help of Hailee Steinfeld.


Ben’s bio is forthcoming! Give a man a moment. We’re living through a panorama.

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