Alone I cannot bee-For podcast Hosts-do visit me-


Hello everyone, 

Ben and Kyle here, back with our fourth episode of Edicts on E. Dicks. Today we watch Dickinson episode 4 and discuss.

Emily’s poem for the day:

Alone, I cannot be—

For Hosts—do visit me—

Recordless Company—

Who baffle Key—

They have no Robes, nor Names—

No Almanacs—nor Climes—

But general Homes

Like Gnomes—

Their Coming, may be known

By Couriers within—

Their going—is not—

For they’ve never gone—

Thanks to Alena Smith and everyone at Apple TV for the show! More cats please! Check it out listeners. Also the music at the top is Afterlife, by the lovely Haliee Steinfeld.