Nobody knows politics–


Hello everyone,

We apologise for the long break. Over the COVID-19 crisis we paused all production. But we are back discussing episode 7 of Dickinson, in which an election takes place, and Emily takes a difficult trip to the circus. If you have any feedback or would like to ask a question do email us at Thanks to Alena Smith, the cast and everyone who works so hard to bring us Dickinson. 

Emily’s poem this episode: 

Nobody knows this little Rose —

It might a pilgrim be

Did I not take it from the ways

And lift it up to thee.

Only a Bee will miss it —

Only a Butterfly,

Hastening from far journey —

On its breast to lie —

Only a Bird will wonder —

Only a Breeze will sigh —

Ah Little Rose — how easy

For such as thee to die!